The Archivio Gallizio is a Cultural Association created in 1999 by Piergiorgio Gallizio, Augusta Rivabella and Liliana Dematteis, who became the President in 2003. The Archivio is responsible for the authentication, preservation, protection, promotion and study of Pinot Gallizio’s works.
The Archivio Gallizio realise and/or offers its support in the organisation of exhibitions, catalogues and other cultural activities, with the purpose of promoting the knowledge of the artist’s work in connections with the Neo Avant-garde in the Fifties and Sixties and current researches.
We collaborate with the most prestigious public and private institutions (museums, art center, universities, foundations and galleries) at international level. We offer to scholars and researchers the opportunity to deepen their studies concerning the artist and the artistic movements to which he took part, the Mouvement pour un Bauhaus Imaginiste Internationale and the Internationale situationniste.
Since its foundation, the Archive has reordered, catalogued and archived Gallizio’s artworks and the related textual and photographic documentation. This work led to the publication of Pinot Gallizio. Catalogo generale delle opere 1953-1964 (Pinot Gallizio. General Catalogue 1953-1964) edited by Maria Teresa Roberto with Giorgina Bertolino and Francesca Comisso (Gabriele Mazzotta Publishing House, Milan 2001) and to the constant update of the database of works, bibliographies and exhibition . Starting from the research , transcription and reorganization of the artist’s published and unpublished writings, the Archivio has published Pinot Gallizio . Il Laboratorio della Scrittura / The Laboratory of Writing, including posters, manifestos , notes, correspondence (mostly with Asger Jor, Guy Debord, Carlo Lonzi) divided into thematic sections accompanied by historical and critical introductions (Charta Publishing House, Milan 2005).
Originally located in the house of Pinot Gallizio in Alba, the Archivio is actually in Turin (via Principe Amedeo 29). In cooperation with the City of Alba, the Archivio Gallizio contributed to the creation of a "museum on the territory" with the placement of artworks in significant public spaces in Alba - such as the City Hall, the Teatro Sociale, the multifunctional center of the Cortile della Maddalena - and with installation of Spazio Gallizio, a documentation center opened in 2012 at the Centro Studi Beppe Fenoglio, where photographic materials, historical videos and footage and the latest environmental installation created by the artist shortly before his death, which occurred in February 1964, are installed.
Currently the Archive staff is composed by Liliana Dematteis (President) and the art historians and authors of the general catalogue Giorgina Bertolino, Francesca Comisso (Vice-president) and Maria Teresa Roberto. For expertise reports the Archivio recurs, if necessary, to the advice of experts such as Prof. Antonio Rava from the La Venaria Reale Conservation Center.


The Archivio Gallizio offers an authentication and storage service (only by appointment) for Pinot Gallizio’s works that are not yet included in the general catalogue of the works, published by the Archivio with the fundamental support of the Ferrero Foundation of Alba.

Authentications are released for free, but the Archivio requires a contribution to the authentication expenses, to be determined according to the technique of the work. The authentication process involves the examination by the artistic committee, which doesn’t meet on a regular schedule.

To start the authentication process three 18x24color photographs, a photograph of the back work and possibly a 300 dpi scan are required.
To be sent along with the photos:

- title, date, medium, dimensions of the work and sign
- provenience, labels and/or markings on the back (if any), exhibitions and publications
- current property, complete address and telephone number.

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